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Here’s why grease traps smell and clog up…

Most grease trap cleanings are not done by real grease trap specialists. They’re done by waste & vegetable oil pick up trucks that do not maintain or service your traps.

This is why grease traps smell, clog up and often overflow. Our trained technicians know what each and every grease trap requires for proper maintenance and servicing. That’s why we not only professionally suck out the grease, waste oil and food particles from your grease traps, but we scrape the walls and use bio-safe chemicals that break down incoming grease.

With regular grease trap cleaning service, the result is clean and reliable grease traps that give you an odorless and clean kitchen and dining area.

Running a busy restaurant, the last thing you need to worry about is cleaning and maintenance of your grease traps. That’s why Green Oil Recycling has teamed up with Done Right Hood and Fire Safety. We’ll make sure your systems stay clean and are working right. With Done Right and Green Oil, your restaurant will be in full compliance with State and Federal regulations.

Green Oil Recycling has clients throughout the five boroughs. Give us a call to set up a regular grease trap cleaning and maintenance schedule. As with all our customers, we do all the work, helping to keep your kitchen clean and operational.

Restaurant Kitchen Grease New York City


As any restaurant owner knows, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) requires restaurants to install grease traps in order to prevent back ups in the public sewer system. The traps, says the DEP, need to be cleaned — and the waste properly disposed of — by a licensed company that has proven their expertise in grease trap maintenance.

But a clean grease trap does more than fulfill the letter of the law. A clean and well maintained grease trap prevents foul odors and assures free flow within the system. Without scheduled cleaning and maintenance, grease traps can become clogged or damaged, necessitating costly repairs or replacement.

At Green Oil Recycling, we assess your restaurant’s needs and create a schedule of cleaning and maintenance that’s right for you. We dispose of grease trap waste according to the strict regulations of the DEP and EPA. And if your system ever needs immediate service, we’re on call 24/7 to get you up and running.

The best part is that there’s only one call to make: Green Oil Recycling. We’ll arrange everything through our sister company, Done Right Hood and Fires Safety, from pick up to transportation.


Grease Trap Cleaning
• We vacuum grease, oil, and food particles from your grease trap.
• We inspect your grease trap to ensure it is functioning properly and running freely.
• We treat your system with a non-toxic solution that aids drainage and minimizes grease trap odor.
• We repair and reseal grease trap covers.

Grease Trap Maintenance
We suction clean and maintain your restaurant’s grease traps at scheduled intervals and make sure it’s all working perfectly.

On schedule and On Time
We analyze your restaurant’s needs and schedule cleaning and maintenance to keep your system running freely.

Start Clean, Stay Clean.
We clear up even the most stubborn greasy spots in your kitchen, and keep them clean as long as we’re with you.

• Free assessment of your grease trap needs.
• Scheduling of cleaning – you never have to call us.

For all kitchen grease trap needs, call Green Oil Recycling at (718) 301-9797. For restaurant hood cleaning and maintenance, call our sister company, Done Right Hood and Fire Safety at (212) 660-3232.


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